Easter 2014

Last year I spent five days at my desk organizing three years of photos. This year I spent five days painting. Always a project planned for Easter. Sometimes I finish – sometimes not.

I  painted the yellow room…


After finishing I felt like an expert and decided to paint the stairs…


You know – this is one of those project you just know you should never started. After the first step I knew I never should have begun but it was too late to stop. Someone might say I need to add one more layer of paint but I am never doing this again. I hurt in muscles I never knew I had…


In between painting I celebrated my birthday…


Kicking back while considering one more paint project…


I have this chest of drawers. I don`t love it but I just can`t let go of it because my father made it in his youth. There are two ways of doing this – the right way and the wrong way. Wish I knew what was what. I could seek expertise or I could do as my mother did. She was the last one with the paint brush here and I am pretty sure she just grabbed what she had and went for it.



…I did the same. One thing to say about my mother: She got things done:)

There are several ways to enjoy Easter…


…and maybe Tor Magnus had the right idea?

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2 Responses to Easter 2014

  1. Michele says:

    Happy belated Birthday wishes, Elin! What a beautiful job you have done painting!! Can I hire you?!!

  2. katell says:

    wonderful result especially for the stairs !! love it !!!

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