Inspired Scrapbooking

After I finished organizing my albums it was clear to me that there was pages missing. There was pages I had made during classes. Inspired pages – like this one…


Pages with an inspired story…


Still – my Storage albums were filled up with photos I love from this adventure. Photos I was unable to let go of. I already told the story so I could let go and make simple pages…


I love simple pages and pocket pages…


This also prompted me to get those cute picks from my iPhone.


…and it made the story feel complete…


I sat through a chat with Stacy Julian Friday night and when she asked how many pages we had made lately all I could think of was the fact that I had cleaned my craftroom the day before and felt inspired to scrap. I had totally forgotten all those pages I made this summer:)

sometimes I took a snapshot – sometimes not…


They are simple…


They were fun to make…


Most of the time they were adding to a story already told…


Nothing fancy or time-consuming…


Sometimes I used Cathy Zielske`s templates to get it perfect…


But most of the time I worked with a design of grids…


So much fun…


…at least it was while the cardstock lasted. And yes Stacy – I was inspired and I did make pages. At lot of pages:)




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1 Response to Inspired Scrapbooking

  1. alexa says:

    I have always loved your style and these pages remind me why.

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