Scrapbooking projects – part one

I have this idea about starting fresh in 2015 and to be able to do that I have to clean out my storage binders and finish all the unfinished projects I have on the table. There are several of those:)

There is one project I know I can`t finish before the end of the year – the album I started in Jennifer Wilson`s class “Before Your Story”. Haven`t done anything since spring. I had to test-print the pages I had finished before moving forward. Those old photos was in bad shape and I am no wizard in Photoshop.

The prints came back from Scrappingsimply just perfect…


The album have 40 finished pages…


…and there are so many more to make 🙂

…but I have all the time in the world to make them.

This is not the project that haunts me…




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1 Response to Scrapbooking projects – part one

  1. Michele says:

    I would love to see your work on these scrapbooks someday, Elinjanne. Your Mom was such a special person to me when we found one another…….

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