Scrapbooking projects – part two

Week in the life 2013 – not finished.

I did participate in the Project at the time but at the end of the week I realized that the week was pretty thin on content and photos. There was no way I could fill an album. So I had this brilliant idea. I could add the documentation of my renovation Project plus some other stuff going on at the time.

The first page with photos and a large journaling spot from the first day of the week…


…followed by three pages from my project…


One more page to make sure that day two was placed on the right side in the album…


Three weeks before Week in the life we spent two weeks vacation at Viva Bahia. We always bring the camera but I usually don`t scrapbook any of the photos. Last year we had a little Family reunion and I thought it was a good idea to add some photos from this visit…


Good times…


While we were at Viva Bahia the boys did their first hunting expedition. The fact that they never saw anything to kill needed to be documented…


…and from the airport back in Norway we had a birthday party to attend to. My brother`s father in law turned 80 and that needed a celebration…


I felt so smart when I made this album. I had “Week in the Life” and half of 2013 in one album:) But it is so hard to get back into this stuff one year later. I have everything I need to finish but yet I`m stalling.

In two weeks Ali Edwards is hosting Week in the Life 2014. Do I want to do it this again this year? I am not sure. But sometime earlier this summer I was sure…


…because I have an album dedicated to Week in the Life 2014:)




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