Apartment Therapy – Style Cure 2014

I thought it was a good idea to once again follow along with Apartment Therapy`s Style Cure 2014. Last year I went overboard – removed the floors and tore down the wallpaper in the whole apartment. That was not the plan at all…


This was last summer and I could move back in December 23.

I did move in but that was all. No inspiration or energy to do anything else. Ten months later and not one nail in my pristine white walls:)

So Style Cure seemed like a good idea…


I would love a new couch but I have yet to find one I love so I will live with this one until I do find the one and only…


Style Cure 2014 is about getting one room ready for the Holidays. That shouldn`t be so hard:) Once the Christmas stuff is in everything will be okay. The challenge is to make it okay when it is all over.

So – the living room. I have been dragging my feet for a long time now but finally moved my ass and gathered all my paintings and photos downstairs from storage. Yesterday was a good day for doing this…


Sunday was a dark and wet day from waking up to going to sleep.



I had this vision about getting something New for the walls but in the end I couldn`t let any of them  go because they all have som sort of meaning to me and I love them all…


I have brick walls so I need help to hang them on the wall and in the meantime I have moved this layout over the floor in the storage room.

In my storage room I found this…


It has been there since summer and I totally forgot that I ordered new “photo-boxes” for my Library of Memories…







This will be another Project…

Going through my Library boxes and edit some of my choices. It`s been two years since I did this and just adding photos to the boxes is not a good thing:)



They all got new labels…


I was so happy to find this file system in the Ikea package


Love this. I may need another one…or two:)

So – I am moving forward with curing my livingroom. Half the fun is dreaming about how you would like it to be. Pinterest is a good place for living out your fantasies… Style Cure 2014 – elinjanne/ All though…dreaming without any thought of the cost and the boundries is not esay for me:)

And today is the first day of Project Week in the Life 2014. So much to do…

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3 Responses to Apartment Therapy – Style Cure 2014

  1. Nikole says:

    Tjat file system looks good — can you tell me WHAT it is? They surely aren’t giving it away? How did it come by accident?

  2. B Harmony says:

    I’m in for the style cure, too. I did the January Cure and it seriously changed my life. Tomorrow, I’l take photos and put them on my blog as well. It’ll be a respite from some heavy blogposts. I’ll be following along with you! YAY! harmonyspearls.wordpress.com

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