Week in the Life 2014 – Hello Monday

Hello Monday and hello vacation. It is so nice to write Monday and vacation in the same sentence:) I woke up one hour later than any normal Monday but way too early for this special Monday…


I was very unsure about doing this Project this year…

15462276217_f4f537a25aThe last week of October is not a good time in this part of the world with so few hours of daylight and that was my thought as I struggled to take a pic of my breakfast…

Don`t mind the painting on the table:)

I have been searching all over the house for hidden treasures to hang on my wall. You never guess where I found this one and I am not telling you how long I have had it rolled up in a paper box.

Working very hard this week to get ready to hang stuff on the wall. About time – 10 months after painting the walls. I know – I am dragging my feet here.

I hardly used my camera this year and not at all since early this summer and I had a hard time finding the right settings. During the day I had some frustrating moments and grabbed the phone…




My Brother is always giving me a hard time about my fear for taking instructions. Reading instructions? Me? No way!

I spent all day looking for how to use the self-timer on my camera. I did find the  tripod but it was way past my bedtime before I discovered how to use the self-timer.

Correction – I found the self-timer on my menu but I still don`t know how to use it:)


I woke up rested and before 9am the house was clean…

15648254595_cf711a37ecThat did sound very efficient:)

Truth to be told – I did the most during the weekend. I did not want to wake up everyday this week thinking about what I should be doing. I want to wake up every day thinking – what would I like to do today.

So – the house is clean.

Except the livingroom. The livingroom has it`s own project this week.





This is the last batch and the washing machine will rest until next week…


And yes…I do hang it all for drying in the livingroom where the laundry is dried in a few hours…


…and because outside is no good choice…


As I said – October is not a good time for doing projects like Week In The Life…


In Trondheim baby Anton is on his way to Kindergarten. He is a happy camper…








Dressed for all kind of weather.

One year old and happy about his day in kindergarten.



About the self-timer…I do try to get myself into the frame during this Project but my morning face in the mirror is nothing to be happy about…


As you can see – I need coffee. A lot of coffee – all day long…


Coffee and an early lunch…


Before doing anything else I cleaned up the mess from my Sunday wall hanging project. What is left is the framed and unframed photos I am sure to use and the rest packed up in a plastic container and put in storage…


As I said – a ongoing project this week:)

Before the weekend we were told that the mountain “Mannen” in Romsdal is about to collapse…


This is a monitored area so we knew this would happen some day. Suddenly the movement was a lot larger and faster than it should be and the area was evacuated and closed off…


Over the weekend the assumed size of the stone slide doubled and it is the heavy rain that makes everyone believe this will happen soon. Very soon. Maybe today Tuesday. During the night the observers have heard bricks falling up there. That is a sure sign of something bigger coming.

Me? I am more about food…


Dieting does that to you…


Not my usual lunch wich is to pieces of dry bread and a slice of low-fat cheese in a plastic bag. Also a nice lunch when you are hungry:)

I try to shop once a week and I am stocked up for the week…


I do have a plan for everyday:)

I do not like to do any work in the kitchen and I would live happily ever after without having dinner.

But – that does not work so good when you try to have a nice relationship With the weight.

I won`t bore you with more food pics this week because the menu is pretty limited:)

Well…maybe one or two…



Like dinner Monday…


Lots of vegetables mean more food…


…and I love to eat…but I will work hard to keep a lid on the food-love this week…


Dad served dinner for the three musketeers after picking them up from school and kindergarten…


I worked hard on my unfinished project one yesterday. Lots of pages in the album…


…and that may have been the reason I was left with four hours sleep:)

Sorry – no self portraits today:)



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One Response to Week in the Life 2014 – Hello Monday

  1. Helen says:

    Love the way you incorporated some current events from your area! I’ll have to try that too!

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