Week in the life 2014 – hello Tuesday

You got to love technology. It is so nice to wake up and receive this in the mail early in the morning…








He pull the blankets to the floor and enjoy himself making sweet noises – hmmm…



Now – breakfast before dad takes him to Kindergarten…


Having the postal service in the same building is a good thing when the rain is pouring all day. I surprised myself and waited until this morning before opening my parcel from IKEA…


I finally find the self timer but I may need a little more practise:)


Assembling IKEA Furniture is no Challenge but man did I wish I had a handyman in the house or at least some of the tools the handyman usually have. Not that I am any good with men or tools…


This was a better idea…


I have no idea where this idea came from…


It has been years since I took a bath…


I am just saying – this will be a daily event this week 🙂

So –  back to work…


This was a Challenge but I finally made it and after the fourth leg I had blisters in my hand:)

I finished my unfinished scrapbook project number one before I went to bed…


This one has a new favorite toy…


I did promise not to bore you with pics of every meal but I did have dinner last night…






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1 Response to Week in the life 2014 – hello Tuesday

  1. Mary-Lou says:

    Very much enjoying your Week In The Life project. All the beautiful changes to your home.

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