Week in the life – Hello Wednesday

15637578726_633f349138In Trondheim…







I wish I had your energy at 6.30. Of course I don`t have this adventure to wake up to. Everyday you explore this tunnel several times.










Of course exploring makes you thirsty, No good wake up ritual without a bottle of milk.











You are imprisoned while your mother get ready to take you to kindergarten. You take great joy in the television and I like that you can focus at the TV and play with both hands at the same time.











Your mom walk you to the kindergarten today and you love to spend the day with the other kids. Maybe you inherited your father’s extroverted personality?








Your mom is no morning person. No early breakfast for her, but bread with banana and cocoa are perfect when she comes home from kindergarten soaking wet.



…and she need all the energy she can obtain. The only thing I can say is – Anton has left the building. I don`t know how your parents deal with this phase of their life but I would have gone in to hiding. although I could say that this gene you probably have from me:)


I will give you a clue – you better behave now because you know grandma and grandpa is coming in a few days and you know how grandpa feels about mess:) You better not give your mom a hard time.

Energized by cocoa your mother get your mess under control and everything is back in order for another adventure and playtime…



Vacation or not – I still wake up before 6 am. I`m also a morning person like baby Anton but I do not have his energy. I woke up to the same weather this morning – rain. The North West of Norway was hit hard…


Hundreds evacuated and many in danger of losing their home. If a tsunami don`t hit we should be safe around here. Still no sign of “mannen” (The Man) falling down…


…these days called the “Jellyman”. Geologists predicted that it would fall down around 8 o’clock last night but the rain stopped and it was colder so now there‘s no telling when that happens.

In the morning hours we had thunder and lighting so the morning was spent moving stuff around instead of being online…


I finally accepted that rug under the kitchen table like my sister in law suggested back in December. I can be a stubborn bitch…


Now I guess I have to let go of the blue ones:)

Something warmer in color might be a good idea with the weather we are experiencing these days…


Even signs of snow. I do not have to feel bad about staying inside…


So much better to stay inside and do some cleaning…


Move stuff and all the dust bunnies are on the move. Cleaning isn`t one of my everyday things. Cleaning is a Project. But – with no work all day I have the time.

Then shower and a nice lunch…


Did you think I had my meals at the kitchen table any ordinary day? No – not at all. I never do. This is real life…


I`m always in a hurry when I eat in the kitchen and that is not a good thing.


Fish-burgers for dinner. Thank you Mona for sharing this  delicious meal with me. You got to love good colleagues who share the food they make. So tasteful…


Now – planning for another day…











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1 Response to Week in the life – Hello Wednesday

  1. Michele says:

    What a charming little guy Anton is! Please greet the family for me!!

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