Style Cure 2014 – Weekend challenge

It was not like I needed the weekend to clean this room. Almost stripped with no clutter it was done in no time. So thankful there is no painting involved in my cure:) I will never paint this room ever. ( Easy to say when you live in a rented building).

So – I had a date with my best friend…


…a wonderful tool.

When I clean in daylight I still find traces of white paint on the couch but I can live with that. There isn`t much daylight around here anyway during this time of the year:)

There is a reason why I like the simple and minimalistic style…


I honestly do not like cleaning.

This is something I keep in mind when I plan for what to add to the room…


Cleaning has to be easy. If I need to declutter or move stuff I have a ton of alternative things to do. I even used to dislike rugs because it was so much easier to clean the floor without them…


Since I had so little to do I put together the drawers for my Kallax-shelves. That was a challenge but drawers are good for hiding clutter:)



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