Week in the life 2014 – Hello Sunday

This Storage box has been staring at me for a few days now…


…and blessed with a few hours of daylight today was a good day to do something about it…


You never now if the doily is a success before it has met the ironing…


A few did not make the cut and ended life in the garbage and a few just don`t fit anywhere in my home…


Most of the time I just grab some yarn and make something with no plan for where and when…


White crocheting and white IKEA shelving is a bright idea:)


Anyway…I do not need to clean doilies in the upcoming year. I will grab a new one when in need…


Sunday evening and I have earned my treat…


One more week keeping my diet and I have earned a 30g chocolate.

In Trondheim…

Anton was busy helping grandma and grandpa with the paint and wallpaper…


This is not going fast enough:)


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