Week in the life 2014 – the album

For me Week In The Life is all about documenting my family`s life for one week every year. That is a challenge. I am here and they are there:) Sometimes I can spend time with them – sometimes I can`t. This week I knew I couldn`t so what to do? I made a choise of who I thought would work with me and sent three Messages – Grandma, Jan –¬†the three musketeer`s dad and baby Anton`s mom. Please share! I am impressed with baby Anton`s mom, she did good. Even Jan managed to send a few pics. But grandma failed:)

Phone pics in October is not fun to work With but it is better than nothing and sometimes you have to work with what you have. I knew the pics would turn out bad in print so I decided to do the printing myself. The quality was too low to print anything large so I needed a template smaller pics. If in need – turn to Cathy Zielske…


Her templates always print Perfect. I needed a little more Space for journaling so made a change there. Also easy – I just moved a journaling spot from one of her other templates and enlarged it a bit. First I added all the photos before closing all the other layers and printing the photo-layer. Cut all the photos out in one piece. Second I closed all the photo-layers and added the rest back in before printing on cardstock. It worked perfectly.

Monday October 27 2014


Tuesday October 28 2014


Wednesday October 29 2014



Thursday October 30 2014


Friday October 31 2014


Saturday November 1 2014


Sunday November 2 2014


Printed, cut and glued down in no time…


Ready for page protectors and album…


There is one thing left to do. I need to add som journaling at the beginning but before I do this I need to get a feel of my Family – Currently and right now:)


This I call : “Week In The Life – light” and sometimes that is more than good enough.

(The album needs a new label since it now houses both 2013 and 2014).







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