Super, super simple scrapbooking

I did know my scrapbooking was simple but today I learned that my style is more like super, super simple. I like that.

I continue to empty my storage album from 2012 and next up was another Saturday with grandpa babysitting. September 29 2012…


This was a sleepover weekend so while grandma was at work grandpa and the three musketeers made boats and as always – dinner was served outside.

This Sunday Adventure…


…in their great grandpa`s childhood playgrounds…


Water is always fun:)

Even the princess enjoy herself when there is water…


Super simple and all of them made last night.

This morning before I went to work Stacy Julian`s first challenge went online…


…and this she call super, super simple scrapbooking

Me – super, super, super simple scrapbooker. Me like that and can`t wait for tomorrow`s Challenge:)



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