Super Simple Scrapbooking – challenge 4

I loved both Stacy og Darci`s pages in this Challenge. I grabbed some photos from my 2011 binder and started cropping. The plan was to use Darci`s setup for a 8.5 x 11 layout. My photos were not perfect for a small size layout so as I cropped I moved towards Stacy`s 12 x 12 page. But – there was more photos from this event…

Kristian`s big day in Church October 23 2011…


At four the kids are invited to Church to receive a book. They love this. Maybe because we put them in center that day and all kids love the limelight…


He is a little shy and wasn`t that exited about walking up on his own but his big sister was ready to go with him.


The little guy was in Church for the first time since his christening and he did very good. And this is the longest church service I‘ve ever been in…


Kristian surprised us all and walked the walk all on his own with grandma cheering…


So proud.


After Church we celebrate with dinner and dessert. The Three musketeers are more exited about muffins decorations


…and the princess share alike.

Looking good – but do they taste just as good…


Maybe not:)


Moving on to challenge number 5…


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