Style Cure 2014 – day 19

Dress Up Your Space & Adjust the Lighting…

I have moved the furniture around – again…


This was last Saturday and as I read yesterday`s advice about furniture and walls I was pleased to know I already had moved the couch out from the wall:)

You don`t have to follow every advice because I decided to overlook the one about keep the corners clear…


Every corner stuffed:) Well – you can`t get them all…


Now it is time to move stuff back in. I don`t have so much stuff to add and since Advent is only one week away I will wait one more week so I don`t have to move everything out again to make room for Christmas. It is the same with plants – a little too early for Christmas flowers and the green plants are hard to find and so much cheaper in January.

This one bloomed way to soon but is so cute…


I was supposed to decide what art to hang where and order some lamps today but instead I cleaned the house. That is a good thing too.

And I took the monthly self portrait to document my journey of eating well and not moving at all – unedited…





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2 Responses to Style Cure 2014 – day 19

  1. Michele says:

    Looks terrific! Can I hire you?! Busy here preparing for our Sons of Norway Lille Norge Fest Saturday – so much baking, so little time!! Thanksgiving gets put on hold till that is over. Greetings to the family!

  2. Mary-Lou says:

    Your home looks wonderful as you do – I like all the white shelving units (yeah for IKEA) that eating well is really agreeing with you.

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