Scenes from a weekend

Last weekend…

Baby Anton was shopping with his parents when he saw someone familiar. Familiar from TV. His parents thought it would be cool to get a photo of the two of them. They did not have to sweet talk the baby because he reached out to the man like he known him forever…


Moments like this have to be documented…


This weekend grandma had music in her kitchen…


…all kinds of music…


His mother calls him “Askeladden” ( like the boy in the fairy tale that grabs everything he finds on his way because he might need it)…


His mother`s journaling:

Anton also goes under the name of Ash Lad! Jogging along with the Brio chart.  But occasionally he encounters obstacles in the form of toys and other useful things. These are picked up, studied and put into the cart, and then transported around.
Yesterday’s catch: favorite book “Peder and tractorlittle sheep baa, a train, a car, a pacifier (important to have a spare), a biscuit and some raisins! 😉
So with toys, snacks and pacifier safe, Anton Torvald Askeladd is ready for new adventures.

This one seems to have had an intense weekend…


I almost said ouch but he just look smug…


Either he won the fight or he scored the goal 🙂








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