Super Simple Scrapbooking – Challenge 12

Super Simple Scrapooking Challenge 12 –


Wish I could do that but I don`t have an eye for color so I have to settle for almost monochromatic .

I am all done With the photos from 2012 so I am back in 2011. I was not aware  of how many photos I had from 2011:) This will be a busy week if I intend to finish before Christmas:)


Stacy and Darci`s Simple Scrapbooking class is inspiring so I made a few pages yesterday after finishing the day`s Challenge. Funny – but those are also “almost monochromatic”.

She cleaned the windows with hair balsam and the mirrors with her mother`s perfume. Funny girl…


He was fishing and got his father on the hook…


Grandpa says he is the best because he plays with his train and  he is tidying up when he is done…


He was late to the party but soda pop is still the best…


Happy reunion…


Grandma should seek cover when the boys are playing with helicopter in the living room…


The first barbecue party in April 2011


Very tired and very young scrapbookers ready to surprise their mother with one more layout…


The King in the sandbox…


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