Super Simple Scrapbooking – Challenge 17

Challenge 17 – use a quiz.

I don`t like using quizes or lists so I used Ali E`s stamp and rambled on…


Right now
I am a happy and inspired scrapbooker. There is not much that can be compared with the feeling of being inspired. Inspired to make something or do something. What I am inspired to do is not important. Right now it’s inspiration to document images With stories that are so dear. Being able to document every day in December also a joy in an otherwise hectic time.

Right now I’m so glad that I have all my pictures on the wall. That never happened before. A picture here and there but never all hung up in the same house. I am looking forward to fill the framework that is still empty. Maybe something with Christmas spirit since we are in the month of December.

Right now I am dieting🙂  meaning that two-thirds of the food consists of vegetables. The favorite is fish sticks,  grated carrot and apple. Vegetable soup with carrot, turnip, celery, parsley and leek. A die with vegetablebroth and lots of freshly ground pepper makes it perfect. Salad with iceberg salad, red onion, fried minced, pesto sauce and grated pine
cores. Can be eaten every day 🙂

Right now I love Netflix. So many movies and series I have not seen. (Years without watching Television). So many series I did not stomach to see when they aired originally. Right now I have finished watching nine seasons with the X-Files. No – I have not seen all the episodes. They are more like background noise 🙂

Right now I am happy to have discovered that my new iPhone  has an app that counts steps. Today I passed 11,937 steps or 8.38 kilometers at work.  Can it be true?

Right now I wonder if it means I can skip the move part as the next step in my dieting program? That would make me a happy girl:)


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