Move More, Eat Well Jumpstart 2015

One of my defined goals for 2015 is to be comfortable in an European size 38. No specific number on the weight – just this simple goal of walking in to a store and be sure that size 38 is my size. This is an act of Balance because if I need a size 36 I am so close to being underweight.

I have never been overweighted just chubby and sometimes pushing into a size 40. The love of chocolate and ice cream sometimes rule my life and I love to indulge until size 40 is my only Choice. Then I pull myself together and make an effort to get back into size 38.

Every other ten-year I am crossing the line and I have to diet to get back in control. It takes me a long time to work up the motivation I need to live on a diet and when I finally get going I get obsessed. The diet rules my life.

At the end of this summer I was in trouble. My size 40 uniform was not comfy to work in and September 8 I had worked up enough courage to step on the weight. The number 68 kg flashing towards me came as no surprise but that was 4 kg more than I have ever seen on my weight. It was obvious that I could not wait for January 1 to get started on a diet.

I signed up for a year subscription at “Vektklubben VG” ( weight-watchers) and started right away. My first plan was to do this slowly but slowly is not my game so I went with the plan I already knew – 1200 calories a day, one kilo a week. This morning I was weighing in at 56 kilo.

Last January I signed up for Cathy Zielske`s Move More, Eat Well Jumpstart. I never logged in to the class and I never read any of the daily emails I received for the 31 days of January. You might ask why I signed up for the repeat class starting January 1 2015? Well – an alum discount and the fact that to move forward I need to start moving 🙂 I trust Cathy to motivate me to do just that.

Move More, Eat Well Jumpstart at Big Picture Classes – starting January 1 2015

As soon as I signed up I got access to all the class material so I printed all the cards needed last weekend…


All set to go…


I so wanted the cute album Cathy is using but I doubt I will every open this album later so I am adding this stuff to my ongoing album.

Since I already have this class in my list I can make an early start because I am Inspired right now and I took Cathy`s challenge about taking a before photo and being honest. To know what the challenge is you need to see the big picture…


So – here we  go… Moving More and keep Eating Well.

Adding more food to my diet will be a challenge for me because more food can be chocolate and how much more before the scale move up? Let`s not talk about moving today but I am on my way in to my Storage to try to locate an old exercise bike. Wish me luck 🙂



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