December Daily | Day 8

My one and only goal for today…









…was to spend time with Santa and enjoy doing nothing.



I almost succeeded. I walked past the Christmas cards several times and had a long list of reasons why today was not a good day for dealing with this…


Maybe tomorrow or next year.

Two empty frames on the wall was a lot harder to overlook:) Last week I printed the free print that was given to us from Cathy Zielske for my Christmas album and I thought it would look good on the wall. It did…


Love this reindeer with the rich red color. Why not print something to work with this? So I found a file from Ali Edwards and some scrapbook paper and I love it…


Now I could just sit and enjoy…


…doing absolutely nothing…


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1 Response to December Daily | Day 8

  1. Love the printed holiday décor! I just recently made some Christmas décor from scrapbooking supplies – very simple and basic but so awesome looking. Love your pictures!

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