December Daily | Day 19

In Trondheim someone took the time to rearrange the Christmas bush. Now everything is high up on the wall and out of reach for the toddler…


Around here we woke up the last day at school before the Holliday. This year the kids had a hard time getting to church without getting pissing wet…


What a contrast to last year`s Winter Wonderland 🙂

I worked the evening shift. The last day home in daylight before Christmas Eve and the last batch of laundry in 2014 is all done…


About the yellow rug…


Just like I thought – all gone. And if you followed me during Style Cure 2014 you might spot that the old rug is back in the living room…


There is still hope for the yellow rug – it might look good in my craft room:)

Santa is happy about the old rug…


In the coming days making Santa happy is most important…


While I work they will stay at home guarding the Holliday spirit…


I have five days off work during the holidays and I just might spend some time crocheting…


These are so stinking cute on the tree…


All I have to add now is flowers. Not so sure these will live through the Christmas…


I love the Amaryllis and can`t wait to have theme so sometime they are dead when the day finally arrive.


I slept like a princess last night…


Still have one frame to fill and a lamp to unpack. I don`t think I will hang Santa on the wall. I am sure I can find another hunk to hang on the bedroom wall:)




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