December Daily | Day 23

A long day come to an end and it was good to come home knowing our costumers got what they needed for Christmas. No crises. They all got milk, cream, sauerkraut, red cabbage, ribs, lamb ribs, nuts, flowers, porridge, red sauce, bread and whatever they needed to make Christmas perfect.

I was making sure the house smell like Christmas when I come home on Christmas Day…


All the floors are clean and there are candles ready to be lit…


We all dream about a white Christmas but it has been raining all week so waking up early Christmas Eve and look out of the window to see this…


…was a big surprise to me. Just under zero and Perfect.

Merry Christmas everyone !

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2 Responses to December Daily | Day 23

  1. Michele says:

    Have a wRm wonderful day with all the little ones!

  2. katell says:

    Wonderful! the snow on time 😉 Merry christmas!

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