Move More, Eat Well Jumpstart 2015 – Ready Set Go


I have been eating 1200 calories a day since September and I am where I want to be with the weight. Moving forward is more challenging. To stay where I am today I have to eat 2116 calories. Okay. But what do I eat?


At the end of the day I am well fed and still have 890 calories to go and no – I can`t have chocolate or ice cream:)

I have had four meals and without looking I made a perfect circle…


I am good with the vegetables but not so good with fruit so I have added an old classic in this house…


I don`t ever lust for fruit but I dig the cut version. ( Just like the kids).

The plan is to start moving but to build muscles the body need energy and if I don`t add more food I will continue to lose weight. That is no good. All in all a luxury problem but it is so easy to add a tiny bite chocolate and then my body will remember the good time and there I go again…

Move More, Eat Well Jumpstart 2015


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2 Responses to Move More, Eat Well Jumpstart 2015 – Ready Set Go

  1. Judi church says:

    Good start! I don’t know how you do just 1200 calories! To fill the gap, veggies and fruit, healthy carbs. One small piece of dark chocolate is good for you. What program do you use to make that circle of elements in your diet?

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