One Little Word 2015



I am good at setting goals and even better to make plans but I am not so good when it comes to…


Habitual or vigorous activity; energy: a woman of action.

Not so sexy, deep or meaningful and I did try to find a cuter word with the same meaning but this word came back to me again and again. It says everything I want 2015 to be…



I want to keep my home clean, tidy and welcoming…

One way of creating action is to sign up for January Cure 2015 at Apartment Therapy. I did that back in January 2014 and I love how much I got done because of the inspiration in this project.

Already making lists…



I want to be healthy…


A goal I have been working on since September. After a few days with not so healthy choices I am back eating rabbit food…



To stay focused and get moving I signed up for Cathy Zielske`s Move More, Eat Well Jumpstart. After doing 45 min on the “monster-bike” I can`t say I am looking forward to January 1. But no excuses…




I want to finish some creative projects and I want to be inspired to start new ones.

It might be a good thing to clean up some mess before I start…


To be inspired I signed up for Heidi Swapp`s class Capture 30. Not because I am so fascinated with this planner thing ( I love to start a new planner but in February I have forgotten I ever had one)- but because Heidi is so inspiring.

But most important – Ali Edwards will inspire me at the beginning of every month for the rest of the year to keep focus on my word and the things I wanted to achieve.

Ali`s class One Little Word 2015







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2 Responses to One Little Word 2015

  1. alexa says:

    Those sound great classes to keep you inspired. I didn’t know about the first one, so off to follow your link :).

  2. Mary-Lou says:

    You are very inspiring & I wish you success with your 2015 plans & I look forward to your blog posts about the success.

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