Welcome 2015 and Capture 30

The first assignment is to say 15 things about myself. That is a challenge. There is a reason why my “About-page” is empty. Maybe it is time for me to introduce myself:)

  1. I live alone and happy in my own company.
  2. I have no children a perfect choice for me.
  3. I have a brother who has two sons who has four children, I take great pleasure in.
  4. I live in a small village in the most beautiful part of Norway.
  5. I have chosen to stay in a rental home because then I can walk to work.
  6. I am pleased that I have managed to change this rental property from a rundown shack to a place I love.
  7. I’m a store manager for a small supermarket and I have been for 23 years.
  8. I tend to work too much and to avoid it, I must have something that attracts me more at home.
  9. I am an enthusiastic scrapbooker.
  10. I love chocolate and must therefore live on diet every few years.
  11. I’m lazy and avoids any physical challenges after hours.
  12. I love to use my camera and have long accepted that I’ll never learn to use the correct setting.
  13. I’m stubborn. My brother has a different word for it.
  14. I will soon be 54 and I am delighted finding out that it‘s okay to be older.
  15. I love English-speaking television series. So much that I never watching tv. Even if Netflix having snuck into my life over the past year 🙂

My goal for 2015 is to keep the weight, get in shape and be inspired to make my home nicer. In addition to creating memories and document these in a beautiful manner.

And there are more…

Everything green is dying in my home. I live by my mother`s word: “That`s okay because when the plant  give up I buy a new one to enjoy”…


And I sleep upside down in bed…




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5 Responses to Welcome 2015 and Capture 30

  1. alexa says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few years now, and never knew some of these things – thank-you for making yourself more visible … I enjoy your clean and simple stye a lot.

  2. alexa says:

    Sorry, that should say ‘style’.

  3. Mary-Lou says:

    Like Alexa (who’s blog I also read) I have been reading yours for a few years (found you through Ali’s December Daily). I also like your clean & simple style both in scrapbooking & life. I think the changes in your home are amazing, it is so beautiful. I also sleep upside down in my bed!

  4. B Harmony says:

    I love it!!! Great way to get to know you.

  5. Vanessa says:

    Hello, I too am taking the Capture 30 class with Heidi Swapp. Love your list

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