Style Cure January 2015 – The first assignment

Buy flowers and clean your floors…

I kind of saw that one coming but that did not do me any good because we were out of flowers at work so I had to settle for greens…


That is okay because I will be working all weekend and there will be other days 🙂

I got dinner on the plate in the same moment the power went out because of the shitty weather hitting the coast this afternoon so I had dinner in the candlelight. Cosy. And what else to do in candlelight when the heat is off? 20 min on the exercise bike. Just finished when the power came back on.

So – Action and Style Cure?

I was so eager to get started that I didn`t take the time to read the The January Cure Calendar. If I had I would have known that deep cleaning the bathroom was the last thing to do…


Deep cleaning the bathroom is my least favorite thing to do but it was on my list for a special reason. My bathroom is awful and I am about to beg my landlord for a renovation. The least I can do before documenting the state of this room is to clean up even if my motivation is to make it look as bad as I can:)

So – Friday evening was spent cleaning the bathroom…


All clean – even the drain. Don`t tell anyone but I have never done that and the last time the plumber was here to control the place he said it was so old it couldn`t be done. It could be done but it was an awful job and I probably has to do it one more time:)

At least I am one step ahead 🙂


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1 Response to Style Cure January 2015 – The first assignment

  1. alexa says:

    You certainly are! I did buy flowers but the floors are going to have to wait till tomorrow. You are well ahead!

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