Style Cure January 2015

Style Cure January 2015 starts today and it is not too late to join in on the challenge.

I am ready with my long lists of projects I want to get done…


Since I work this weekend including Sunday I have  cheated  a little and made my lists already. I have no idea what the first Challenge will be but I anticipate it will involve some kind of listing 🙂

I have things I want to do in January, there are things I want to plan and there is stuff I want to do later this year. Also some long-term planning involved here.

Can`t wait to get started – Action !

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3 Responses to Style Cure January 2015

  1. alexa says:

    I like your Wordle action heart! Thanks to your last post, i have now signed up and am awaiting the email eagerly :).

  2. B Harmony says:

    My blog is also about this! I love The Cure! Truly, it’s amazing. I have the floors on one level of the house completely done. Flowers tomorrow, two more levels to go on floors!

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