Jumpstart 2015

I took the daily habit sheet for a test drive before Christmas and had a hard time following up on that one but I am not giving up. Made a new one for this week and have every intention of using it…


I want to use my exercise bike for at least 20 min every day. My program says 70 min every other day but no way am I spending 70 min on that bike in one sitting. I would be bored to death. For now – 20 min.

Water every day. It should be possible to drink water every day? I am a lover of coffee and never feel a need for water.

Going to bed before 11pm. I am aiming to do better because I need more sleep right now.

Eat fruit every day. I am setting myself up for success here.

Logg what I eat every day. This is important for me. Since my goal is to maintain my weight and have to add more food to my menu it is important to know how much.

Try one new menu for dinner every week. I am lazy like that. If I like it and can be made in 20 min I can eat the same for months.

Have fish on the menu twice a week. Oh Yeah…

Monday morning is weigh in day…


Guess I should be pleased to see that I haven`t gained any weight during Christmas but this was not planned.

So – more fruit it is…


…and we had a prompt for a photo for the album.

Like our training shoes…


he…never had one of those 🙂

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