Style Cure January 2015 – Outbox

I love the outbox but…when it`s all over – not so much. When it is time to decide what to keep and what to let go the fun is over. Still – I need an outbox or boxes…


…and I have added my first item. I am sure I can let go of the orange bowl but I am not so sure I can let go of my cigars. Even if they are 10 years old 🙂

The actual outbox has it`s designated spot…


I can`t avoid seeing it but I don`t trip over it either.

Since I will be spending time during January sorting through my craftroom I need something to sort in…


…and I am sure I will fill the garbage bag more than once…


Since today`s challenge is on the light side I guess I can do some purging..


No – I do not scrapbook all my photos 🙂

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4 Responses to Style Cure January 2015 – Outbox

  1. simplernow says:

    I’m impressed! Your outbox is way nicer then mine. Does that mean I have outbox envy?

  2. Your outbox is prettier than ours! Ours will just be a pile on the guest bed, since we’re not expecting any visitors (and also that bed is right next to one of the worst closets that WILL be dealt with this month!)
    Good luck!

  3. alexa says:

    Your home already looks uncluttered :). My outbox is a large bag hanging in the cloakroom – I couldn’t bear the sight of a box cluttering up the floor!

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