Style Cure January 2015 – Clean the pantry

Ha…that `s hardly a challenge for my single household. Specially a single dieting household…


One drawer containing food.

Expiration date?


All good and there is a reason for that. I moved back into my kitchen one year ago so 90% of this was bought and put there in January 2014. This girl don`t make meals at home if she isn`t on a diet and when she is she only eat fresh food. You don`t want to see inside my fridge 🙂 Or maybe you will since this was a first step in this part of the cure…


But first – coffee…


…and I can feel the glow of the possibilities of shopping coming up. Maybe some baskets for my drawers…


I did a track back to earlier challenges and found these picks from 2009. Same kitchen but new interior…


Everything went in the trash…


And as a note – I wasn`t always tidy and organized…


Ha…you see there is hope for us all 🙂



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2 Responses to Style Cure January 2015 – Clean the pantry

  1. alexa says:

    I haven’t opened this email yet, so you are ahead of me. This looks like a task that might take some time, but your process is very streamlined! I have those Ikea baskets for fruit and veg and recommend them :).

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