Style Cure January 2015 – Pick a Project

Looking at the calendar for this Cure and I wonder when I can find time to actually do a project:) I can see one day set up for working on Our project but the rest of the month is all basic cleaning and decluttering.

I have made my choice to work on my craft room (office). It is the room I spend most time in and cleaning up and organizing will make a huge difference. This room has been more like an adventure for me. I have loved working in here…



…through all the changes. There has been messy days and clean days…


It was the worst room in the house and after years of “suffering” I applied for mercy with my landlord and I was finally allowed to do some renovating.

Moving out…


…and shredding wall paper…


A call to my landlord and he said stop.

And I did stop – until late 2013. I did not ask I just did – and paid for it myself…


Last January Cure when we were told to sit down for 10 min and pretend how the room looked like empty I had no problems doing that…


I don`t think I used 10 min before deciding to use my bedroom for Office and this room for bedroom.

That night I had forgotten all about what is in the floor below –

” the  machine-room” for the supermarket. No way could I sleep in here 🙂

So – back to start…


I was eager to get back into scrapbooking and had no time for planning. I moved in and nothing has changes since then…


I do clean up between projects but there is no plan and no organization. I want this room to be ready for “Layout a Day” starting February 1. I am sure I can finish the most important stuff but I may have to go back and add things like curtains 🙂

Now – off to clean my fridge…




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3 Responses to Style Cure January 2015 – Pick a Project

  1. This is a great space! Have you got Aby’s course materials on how to organize your creative space? Looking forward to seeing what you do here.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow! What a lot of work and expense for you! Great job, it looks amazing. And those shelves are awesome!

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