Cleaning the kitchen and waiting for a storm


I bet my brother wasn`t the only one waiting for that perfect moment to catch a storm today…


The weather forecast said we would have a storm and maybe a hurricane – maybe. Seems like we miss it all and we are thankful for that.

I woke up at 5am. My body don`t know it is Saturday and my day off. Had a long bath while reading a few chapter in my book and enjoyed a nice breakfast. Then I did something I usually do Sundays – I made next week`s mealplan…


Since I already had this wild Saturday morning I went grocery shopping…


Maybe it was my half-empty and clean fridge who was calling because I never shop for groceries Saturdays and never in the morning…


It was still dark outside my windows when I started my “Project clean the kitchen “…


Not a big challenge for me. When I moved back into my kitchen in December 2013 I made sure I only added the stuff I actually use so the only thing inside the cabinets I needed to clean was the wine glasses…


I don`t use them much 🙂

Cleaning inside and outside. Since I never use butter or oil in the pan – even the kitchen ventilator was easy to clean. Cleaning is no fun but lunch feels more deserved…


All there is left to do is cleaning the floor but I will wait until the rugs are dry…


Now is a good time to reference my list for the kitchen because I am sure there are several things left on that list…


I did the thing – sitting down to view the room…


…from different angels…


…but I did not have any bright ideas…


…but the fact that this wall need some art 🙂



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11 Responses to Cleaning the kitchen and waiting for a storm

  1. Michele says:

    Very nice! I’m impressed with ALL your groceries!!

  2. Mickey says:

    I know this may sound a little bit stalker-ish, but I really enjoy following your January Cure process.

    I found you from the first link you posted in comments on Apartment Therapy, and then subscribed to your blog updates. I decided not to do the January Cure now, as we’re in the process of selling our house and (hopefully) relocating by spring. So my priorities are different.

    But I’m living vicariously through your projects 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Looks like more than one wall needs art or photo’s also maybe a new chandaler. More modern looking maybe. When you can fit it in the budget of course.

  4. Kaelalaena says:

    Omgosh, I want your kitchen! And your lunch! My idea for your wall art is to take photo of those lovely tulips and frame it. The color is so perfect against all that white!

  5. alexa says:

    What a lovely, restful, kitchen! I am not surprised you couldn’t find anything to do :).

  6. Paula says:

    The more I see from your apartment, the more I like what I see! Your kitchen looks like the perfect kitchen.

    I like it how you take us with you, especially while sitting at the table.

    Congratulations to your new order, it seems effortless for you to keep it. Do you have any secrets to share?

    • Paula says:

      PS: I forgot: Wow. You do have some insanely cool infrastructures in Norway, I mean that road on the first photo in the back, it literally goes right up into the sky.
      Very, very cool!

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