Monday`s Style Cure Assignment

Today`s assignment was an easy one – plan your get together…

Get together in January? no, no, no – NO WAY 🙂

So many excuses for this one – no time, no money, no need, no want…and so on. But not to worry I have lots of stuff to deal with this stormy Monday evening…


A get together plan at the end of a Cure is one fine motivator for finishing all the challenges but I will not be needing a motivator because my one little word for 2015 is ACTION!

Don`t feel like action right now. Maybe I need more coffee…


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3 Responses to Monday`s Style Cure Assignment

  1. alexa says:

    I am giving this one a miss too. I would find it paralysing, not motivating. Did the coffee help?

  2. Moonwaves says:

    I’d just finished having not one, not two but THREE get togethers in the past two weeks when I got that assigment so I really wasn’t feeling it either. But then a friend from work called in to my office to say happy new year (she works far away in a different part of the building) and I spontaneously invited her to dinner on 2nd February. So hopefully that’s an incentive to keep going with the Cure throughout January. She also wants to see my new bed and since the only way I was able to have the three get togethers in the past couple of weeks was by literally covering my entire bed with all the clutter I hadn’t managed to sort out (so that at least it wasn’t in the living room any more), that puts me on my mettle a little bit!

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