Move More, Eat Well Jumpstart 2015 – week 2

So…how did I do this second week?

The daily habit card from week 2…

I want to use my exercise bike for at least 20 min every day. My program says 70 min every other day but no way am I spending 70 min on that bike in one sitting. I would be bored to death. For now – 20 min. | I did – but I have to admit that I am bored. I can easily do 20 min but the minutes are so long 🙂

Water every day. It should be possible to drink water every day? I am a lover of coffee and never feel a need for water. | This was even harder than the bike challenge and I will not talk about the thing about water…so much. The thing about water is that it only have one way to go and it wants to go all the time. I am one of those who jump out of bed when I hear the alarm in the morning. So I did Tuesday morning, only to find out that it was 2am – after breakfast and my second cup of coffee.

Going to bed before 11pm. I am aiming to do better because I need more sleep right now. | This is a habit I have been working on for a while and if I don`t have a late start at work I am in bed before 11pm. Good girl 🙂

Eat fruit every day. I am setting myself up for success here. | I did very good.

Logg what I eat every day. This is important for me. Since my goal is to maintain my weight and have to add more food to my menu it is important to know how much. | Again, I did good.

Try one new menu for dinner every week. I am lazy like that. If I like it and can be made in 20 min I can eat the same for months. | Lazy as I am I opted for two in one and made a new dish with fish. My brother and his wife brought fresh haddock frozen in portions last time they were here…

15635645033_b4cabe6f7e_bI added frozen carrots and peas, canned crushed tomatoes, fat reduced cream and mozzarella cheese. In the oven for 40 min…


It was good.

Have fish on the menu twice a week. Oh Yeah…

In a single household you need to plan ahead. That opened can with tomato needed somewhere to go so I made this menu one more time. I have no ide what I am doing in the Kitchen but I played it safe and added broccoli, leeks and a little tomato puree


It looks like I am about to eat your food too but this is only half of the calories I have to stuff myself with for dinner…


…and I was still stuffed three hours later 🙂


If you look closely on the card you can see that I crossed of for fish three times. I have an explanation for that – Tuesday I cheated and had fish sticks for dinner 🙂 I love fish sticks but I don`t really count them in the Fish-Category 🙂

I have made next week`s menu and I have done my shopping. For the upcoming week I stepped it up a bit and go for 30 min on the bike and I am adding five glasses of water to my day.

So many are counting steps through out the day and so am I but this is no fun because I clock in between 12000 and 18000 steps during my day at work (7am-3pm). If I can`t mix the pleasure with fresh air this is a no go for me. This might be a challenge for the spring because to be honest I don`t like fresh air or walking. Yes – I am weird like that 🙂

Weighing in monday morning…


Hmm…too much Fish?

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1 Response to Move More, Eat Well Jumpstart 2015 – week 2

  1. Michele says:

    I laughed out loud about your fish sticks!! Shaun (who is and has been a vegetarian for over 25 years now) chides me for feeding him fish sticks when he was a kid. 🙂 I do not think I have had haddock…… we eat a lot of salmon and when in WA state, I can fresh tuna loins to bring back to South Dakota. We also love halibut. Your recipe looks super yummy!! I will look for haddock. The biggest challenge in landlocked South Dakota is finding seafood that is wild caught and from the USA. I see soooo much from countries I would rather not have their seafood from. Sadly, I can’t find any from NORGE either!

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