Please dear landlord

Please dear landlord – it has been more than a year since the last time I asked 🙂

I finally sent my landlord an application for upgrading my bathroom. You know – my lovely bathroom…


…and I have decided to accept what ever answer I get. If I get an answer at all. That may not work well with my “one little word – action” but moving on can be one kind of action.


I was very happy to cross that task off my list and I gave myself a reward for being a good girl…


So – 3 min surface sweep? That was today`s assignment in the January Cure.

Surface sweep? Do I need that? No I don`t. No clutter anywhere. Why would it be when I have all my clutter gathered in one room – my craft room/office. In the room where I right in this moment can see my desk…


My list for this room is so long and filled with enormous tasks. Not something to finish during January. My goal in January is to clean the room and be ready to play (LOAD) February 1. That is why this bin will be filed at the top of a shelf somewhere for another day…


Maybe March?

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