The weekend assignment – the bedroom

I must be afraid of the dark because I did not sleep well at all last night:) The only good thing to say about my new bedroom blinds – they do block the light. That could be a good thing if you think of the three months with daylight 24/7.

I was up long before daylight working on my bedroom…



Before breakfast I had the first batch of laundry running…


The first thing first – out with the rug. Vacuuming the bedroom with a rug like that under the bed is just too much work. I would suffocate from dust long before spring 🙂


The bed got a good vacuuming and the rest was cleaned. Not so much work really…


That bed has been moved around a lot lately. It is not easy to find just the right spot when the noise is so intrusive. (Most of the time I sleep like a baby so don`t worry about it). It just occurred to me that I have not tried the setting I had before the renovating. Maybe I should try?

I was done with the bedroom long before lunch so I did my ordinary weekend cleaning – kitchen, hall, bathroom, living room and the little room…


Of course cleaning the kitchen and bathroom was easy when both room where deep cleaned last week:)

Before dinner I finished the last and fourth batch of laundry.

Today was “try a new recipe day” and “fish-day”…


Haddock, red peppers, leeks, garlic, fat-free cream, cream cheese, lemon and shrimp, So – where is the shrimp? After second serving it occurred to me that something was missing and yes I had left the shrimp by the stove. Third serving was perfect…


This is a keeper. At least it is with the shrimp:)





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1 Response to The weekend assignment – the bedroom

  1. Paula says:


    I enjoy your postings a lot! Beautiful photos and you are moving on a steady path on The January Cure.
    Also how the daylight arrives at your home.

    An almost empty bedroom which is easy to clean AND free time on a weekday for this weekend-assignment, I tell you, I am getting truly envious! 😉

    Did you grow up in Norway? Would you consider your bedroom typical for people in Norway or are you a dedicated minimalist? Even your living room looks already done.

    I can not remember having seen a bedroom like yours, except at Mr Paula’s uncle’s home, who is a retired priest who lives ZEN-like.

    If you already posted about your lifestyle, I would be happy for some recommendations, older postings of yours. I would also love to know more about your occupation.

    warm regards!

    PS: could it be we buy Roses from the same farm in Kenia? I buy them at the supermarket.
    The CO2 output for those roses is lower than the CO2 output for any given flower from Europa, even when they travel eonomy class in an airplane all the way from Kenia. Gives me a lot of food for thought.

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