Move More, Eat Well Jumpstart 2015 – week 3


I am eating fish, vegetables, lots of fruit, doing pretty well with the water and I am moving…


I am planning my meals for the week and logg everything I eat…


…and yes I did eat a lot yesterday. I woke up 3.30 am and had breakfast long before I realized that it was way too early to be awake. I do this a lot:) So two-time breakfast and two lunches. Why? Because I did not feel so good. I had all the signs of a flu coming. Nothing tasted good, breathing hurt, my back hurt and I had a cough. Of course I was totally fine by Sunday.

The green = Eat. The Purple= Move. The red line? The Purple should have been above the red line. It does not add up and I keep losing weight…


The blue line should not cross the orange line. Of course this is not a perfect stat but it would be fine to have an accurate goal to measure up to. I might have to ask for a new food plan tomorrow.

Apart from being worried that I don`t eat enough and move enough I am doing fine…


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1 Response to Move More, Eat Well Jumpstart 2015 – week 3

  1. Paula says:

    Hello Elinjanne!

    I am not sure if I understand the concept of your diet-programme correctly: you started the programme, because you wanted to lose weight. Now that you have lost weight you stick with tbe programme because …. ?
    I hope you feel better today.

    PS: What about carbohydrates?

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