The Craft room/Office Project

I have done about anything to avoid this clean up. I am okay to clean the room if I can stack up everything and clean, but if I have to deal with the stacks it`s not fun anymore. But with the bedroom done and all the time in the world I couldn`t find any reason to stall…


I got my IKEA Raskog in the mail yesterday. Been going back and forth about buying one for a long time and finally decided. The idea is to keep the stuff I use all the time in there and hopefully this will keep my desk clean and uncluttered. Brilliant if it works out.

I have touched every scrapbook paper in the room. In the back of my head I was considering if I saw something inspiring me to make pages. With a layout a day coming up February 1 it would be nice to have an idea about what I had to work with. I saved some for the kids if they want them, I tossed a lot and the rest is organized by color in my shelves. Those papers surviving February will be moved out of the house…


Can`t help myself but I do love papers and I am so Grateful that the online stores in Norway have a totally different taste than mine. If not my house would be filled with paper:)

Yesterday was also “New recipe day”…


Ssausages, mashed potatoes, tomato puree, red peppers, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. Sausages is not my kind of Food but these are made by a local producer and was gifted to me so I felt I had to taste. The sausage was good but the recipe is a no keeper.

Also I tiptoed out in the rain and got my self some new houseplants…


…the kind that is hard to kill 🙂

I could have cleaned my desk before going to bed last night…


…but I did not. I still have a few hours of work before I can clean in here 🙂



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2 Responses to The Craft room/Office Project

  1. Paula says:

    Looking at your photos I would say “It all adds up”, you know, like a huge puzzle where you finally come to the point, where only 2 or 3 pieces are left.

    Phew, tought plan though: “Those papers surviving February will be moved out of the house…”

    What I like about keeping bits of papers is the opportunity, this “one day I am going to …” feeling, everything is possible.

    What I don’t like about giving stuff away that I did not use is the taste of failure: “I did not …”, it somehow was NOT possible. I know, it is a brutal wording, but still, it is also about failure, no?

    • elinjanne says:

      Oh…I love my bits and pieces and I would never give those away:) It is the unused 12×12 papers just filling up all over. If I haven`t used them in 3-5 years there is no need for me to store them. Failure? Know nothing about that:)

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