The Craft Room Project

I have a long list for this room but in January it is all about cleaning and organizing for making a layout every day in February. The worst part is starting. I can play in here for a long time before I put things back in order again. All I need is room for a 12×12 cardstock and I am good to go. So what else is there to do on a wet and cold Sunday morning…


I did the worst part on Saturday – organizing my paper and page protectors. I had page protectors all over the place. Even stuff I had no idea I owned. Sunday morning was a good day for cleaning…


I do vacuum in here sometimes but water is rare.

Organized to function not for beauty…


With everything cleaned and put back in order (my order)…


I wonder why I`m always left with small stacks I have no idea what to do with?




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1 Response to The Craft Room Project

  1. Paula says:

    I could look at your photos forever!
    The room looks very well layed out.

    How about that space right beside the window, did you ever want to add a (solitaire) shelf right there? Maybe about the height of the desk?

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