What is hiding in the cabinets?

Nothing. The only cabinets I have is in the kitchen and they are all cleaned and organized. So happy no one told me to clean out my boxes and bags:)

Yesterday we were supposed to learn the joy of being offline. That felt like having a free pass for an evening to do what ever – like grabbing a torchlight and carefully enter the attic looking for treasures in a box. This is almost funny. Early this morning I was obsessing about my bras being to big. And what did I find in a bag in the attic?


They must have slipped out of my outbox back in August 2013 and gone in to hiding because I was sure I had let go of them. (Far to small since 2008). Now they might save me over for a few weeks 🙂

So – this house has a second bedroom and this bedroom has been organized more than once. Just to make sure no one thinks I have it all under control all the time – back in 2009…


This was a daunting task to start with and when I finally uncovered the bed everything in the bed was destroyed because of a leaking roof. You might say it was time to clean up the mess…


A new roof but nothing was done inside before December 2013. With everything new and fresh I thought it would be a good idea to move the main bedroom in here…


But a new machine outside kept me sleepless so I moved out in January 2014. Since last summer it has been used to store a scrapbooking-project of mine…


No heat and light in here so I left the doors open when I left for work in the morning. This room has the only closet in the house – but that is an assignment for later this week…


My closet is boring anyway…


Most of this could fit perfectly in the outbox.

This closet has a large and deep room on top and is great to store linens and stuff you don`t use regularly so I went searching. In addition to the bras I did find my storage of towels…


Thankful to see that I did weed out a lot from this stack during my first Style Cure in August 2013:)

The room is clean so I am ready to work on my closet later this week.


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