I used to rule “the landingstrip”


This was one of my perfectly organized landing strips back in 2009. One of them. Because I had two in the hall and one or two in every room. There was landing strips all over the place when I discovered there was a place online where you could learn how to organize yourself. Not that I didn`t know how to do it but I certainly had a lot to learn about why I should do it and how to stay motivated.

Simplify 101 and Aby Garvey became my leading star in cleaning up my mess. Her teaching made everything make sence to me and ever since I have worked towards simplifying my life.

I learned how to set up a working landing strip but we are different and different Things make us tick. Me? I am happiest without …


They are there but I avoid using them…


It works great for me. Okay – so I make a mess in my office space, but creating a mess is what I do in there 🙂

I did not plan to clean out my bathroom cabinet tonight but I did anyway. It is small and I was sure I had everything under control inside that cabinet. What did I know…


I do wonder why I had three packs tampons in there because it must be more than eight years since I needed them 🙂 I do not like to throw usable things but there is a limit to what you save.

This did not take long so I cleaned my closet and put the towels and linen back in. Organized. Often used – easy to reach…


Next up is cloths – that should not take long.




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1 Response to I used to rule “the landingstrip”

  1. Aby Garvey says:

    Thanks so much for the mention Elin! So nice to see what you’re up to. Hope you’re doing well. 🙂
    ~ Aby

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