What about a plan for “what to do when your body moves between three sizes”

I`m a size 38(10) usually | Sometimes I push 40(12) | I feel good at 36(8) | Right now I am a size 34(6).

I never had a taste for cloths but last year I bought two jeans,a few t-shirts and two sweaters I only used once. So doing my closet should have taken a few minutes…


But – I had to try on every shirt and every jeans.

I could not let go of size 38. You never know when you need them again…


Thankfully I did find a few jeans I can use…


Shopping for cloths is high up on my list this spring:)

My suitcase is always ready to go…


I can spend two weeks on the beaches of Mallorca anytime. When I come home I unpack, wash everything, weed out the stuff I didn`t use or was unhappy about and then put everything back in the suitcase.

Of course I have to clean everything once more before going again but that is another story 🙂

I also have a rack in my Storage room with stuff for everyday use…


It was supposed to be for coats and stuff but right now it is a waiting room for t-shirts on their way to t-shirt heaven.

I did a good job this fall so it wasn`t much to take out to the bin…


At least I have the right size where I can find it and I have a clear idea of what I need to do. Did Janel say she planned to do a “Closet Cure” in 2015? A walk in closet maybe since I have the space? I could need a “Walk-in-closet-room” for wardrobe. The size of it…

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