What to do this weekend

Well – I have a plan. I am working today and Saturday so this weekend is kind of short, and so is the next one. Last week I had a three-day long weekend and I felt good about cheating with my weekend assignments…

The last weekend assignment – The living room…


I cleaned and reorganized my living room during the November Cure – even more than once and I cleaned after clearing out the Christmas stuff so cleaning in here did not take much effort…


…and this is the room I almost never use…


I still have a few projects to finish in here, some stuff I need to decide and things I need to buy…


A few frames to fill, a wall to decorate and lights to add…


And since it has been a week since my deep cleaning I need to clean again – I guess…


To feel good about cheating I left a few things to clean – like the glass figures in the three small windows that takes forever to clean.

I am ready with fresh tulips…


…and I got new flowers for my window…


I still have to find a new lamp for my window but for now I will try this one…


…just to get a feel of it I need one hanging or if I need a longer one.

Also looking forward to take out my master lists and see how I`m doing and what`s next step. I do fear that it will be about need help and money 🙂



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2 Responses to What to do this weekend

  1. Mickey says:

    Look at all that art! It looks lovely. It almost feels like an Apartment Therapy house call tour.
    Maybe you can do a “close up of the art” tour when you’re done with the January Cure.

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