Making Granola

I couldn`t let go of the idea of making Granola so I jumped in with both feet…


Those who have stayed with me for a while knows I never make anything in the kitchen – except when I am dieting and that only happens every five-year or so. I do not rule in the kitchen 🙂

250 grams organic oatmeal…

50 grams sunflower seeds…

50 grams sesame seeds…

50 grams almonds (sliced)…

50 grams walnuts (coarsely chopped)…

50 grams hazelnuts (roughly chopped)…

2 pinches of Maldon

I didn`t have Maldon Salt so I added a little salt. This is the original recipe but you can add anything you like or what ever you have. I added…

20 grams pine nuts and …50 grams pumpkin seeds


You mix everything in a bowl.

1 dl apple juice (or other fruit juice)
1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon butter
25 grams brown sugar…


…melted together in a saucepan until it is stirred into the dry mixture.

I used a little more apple juice because I added pumpkin seeds…


50-60 minutes in the oven at 140 degrees. You need to stir a little every 15 min…


Add 70-100 grams dried fruit. I am not in favour of dried fruit but I like dried apricots…


…and fresh berries are available all year now so I prefer those. Add greek yoghurt and I am in heaven…


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5 Responses to Making Granola

  1. Michele says:

    Well, yum! How much is ‘dl’ Apple juice approximately?

  2. I assume that’s 140 degrees celcius?

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