Catch up day

Catch up day is easy to love – if you don`t have too much to catch up on…


I’ve checked my lists and there were a few things left to do:

  • Clean Windows
  • Clean the glass in the doors
  • Clean the curtain in the bathroom
  • Paper protection on top of the kitchen cabinets
  • Clean upstairs where I do my exercise

There are more 🙂 – but that involves money or planning. Or both. Not to be done in January. Okay – som maybe a little planning.

Cleaning the windows on the outside is just not happening in January. The first window would be just as bad before I had cleaned the last one. This week we have been in a sandstorm and that was before all the windows were washed out with salty rain last night. In the morning the roof were icy and slippery – and I have to walk out on the roof to clean the windows. So – not happening in January.

With my “One little Word – Action” nagging in the background I cleaned upstairs before going to bed.

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1 Response to Catch up day

  1. It doesn’t make sense for me to set up a ladder in the snow–and temps are quickly reverting to minus double digits in a few days, so, no, I’m not doing my windows outside either. Strangely enough, I cleaned upstairs this morning.

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