Move More | Eat Well 2015 – planning for February

We are almost at the end of the January Class at BPC and I am planning for February. I have followed the class every day, read every mail and every handout. I have been moving more and eating well. I have not created those cute cards every day. Mostly because the class start a new week every Thursday and my week start at Monday. Nor do I have a separate album for this project so my thought was to keep using the cards throughout the year. Doing something new every day just became too much for me and I want to use the motivation throughout the year.

So – Monday is “weigh in day” and I got the same message as last Monday: Eat More!


I do – I do, but still…


I eat far more than I usually do but not so much chocolate or ice cream. I move more but not that much. 30 min on the bike every day except one day…


The purple is me moving:) I have to eat a lot more to reach the red line and I am, I am and I am eating the right stuff…


I just have to eat more of the right stuff and I have to move than my legs.

Guess what I found in the attic…


Of course moving isn`t just moving. Who would have thought that you can do it all wrong? I might have to buy one of those classes:)

A statement at the end of the first month: I still don`t like moving. But I will.

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