Online Organizing

Today`s assignment in the January Cure – Digital Clean Up.

Digital Clean Up – usually that happens with my computer crashing. That works fine for me 🙂 Me think my mail, desktop and files are in perfect order. That is until it all crash and burn. Everything I need or want to save is saved all over the world. There are external hard disks saved three different places and everything is backed up online.

My challenge is organizing digital photos. Editing, deleting, tagging and organizing. It is so time-consuming and a task I keep pushing ahead of me. I am still working with May 2013 and have a long way to go…


This will be my first priority in February and fits perfectly with the upcoming LOAD Challenge. I do have a lot of photos printed and several layouts made already. With the photos not printed I will make digital layouts.

The goal – finish 2013 in February. (Cheating as always starting right after dinner).

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1 Response to Online Organizing

  1. Paula says:

    Hi Elinjanne,

    which programme do you use for organizing your photos?
    How do you tag the photos and how do the tags help you?

    Maybe you can go a little bit into details, thank you!

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