Ready to create a layout every day in February

Ready to create a layout every day in February – almost. I have done LOAD so many times. Sometimes I prepare and most often I don`t. Either way I always manage to create one layout every day during the month.

You need prints…


…if you like to work With paper and glue. If you are a digital scrapbooker you can do without. The beauty of being both is that you can work around the missing prints. I have sorted all my prints from 2013 and would like to work with these photos if I am inspired to do so. If not I have prints from before my birth up to 2015. I don`t have all the photos from 2013 printed and I plan to make digital layouts with those.

My goal is to finish the 2013 album…


In chronological order. I am not saying that I will use every photo but that decision is for later.

I’ve checked what I have created from 2013


Don`t want to create duplicates 🙂

I am lowe on stash…


…I am okay with that since I don`t use much anyway. (But – I would buy something new and fancy if the online stores in Norway would offer something I like).

What I do have is two story-kits from Ali Edwards I am looking forward to open and two stamp-sets still in the packing. My stuff arrives almost one month after Ali open her “class” for the theme on her blog so I try to wait. It is so annoying to listen to her and be inspired and then have to wait for a month to use the stuff.

As if I needed more to be ready…I have a clean desk…


Now – that can be a problem. A clean desk never inspires me 🙂

My goal for February is to finish my 2013 album but I never know before hand what Lain inspires me to make so I`m open for changes 🙂

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