A walk down memory lane

I am feeling a little sad today. Sad to say goodby to Big Picture Classes as we know it. New Years Eve 2008 I had never heard about Big Picture Scrapbooking as it was called back then. I had recently learned that scrapbooking was the next step if you wanted to do something more with your pictures than adding them in an album labeled with who, where and when.

I was waiting for my ride to the party and was browsing aimlessly when I found a link to something called the LOAD-Challenge at Big Picture Scrapbooking. This was December 31 2008. Thinking back I don`t think I have ever been so brave in my life – I clicked that link and added my name to the challenge. Signing up for something I knew nothing about and thinking that I could make on scrapbook page every day in January…That is 31 layouts and I had never made one.

I did make 31 layouts – in letter size, because I had no idea how to take a photo of a 12×12 layout. Not sure I knew there was such a thing 🙂


31 layouts with no journaling but I love them all because they are meaningful to me.

So – this first LOAD-challenge was hosted at BPC by Lain Ehman. A first in a long row of LOAD-Challenges. I have done most of them and loved them all.

You might say I was hooked 🙂

I was brave signing up for this event but I was even braver when I signed up for my first class – The Art of Becoming More with Kolette Hall. That was an amazing adventure for little me. Something I wanted to share with the world and I worked so hard with this class. You wouldn`t believe the hours I spent defining my own attributes…


It was hard thinking it. Putting it in writing was worse than pulling teeth. Eight years and many classes later this come easy. ( Believing it or not).


This was a life changing class for me and I still love this album more than anything I have made….



My list of classes contains 134 classes. Wow – that is a lot. No Wonder I have been on the VIP-list. Not every class has been of value for me. Some I never dipped in to. Some I lost interest in. Some where just shitty classes. But during those eight years the dollar wasn`t worth much against the Norwegian value so it was a no cost thing for me to buy the class.

But there are classes that changed my life and some that added so much joy to my life…


A Bakers Dozen – Darci Dowdle…


This was so much fun. We had a list of things we would need to make 12 layouts. We knew nothing more and when the challenge came we “had” to use what we had picked already…


So much fun and I love every layout I made – still.

52 Card Pick Up – Tena Sprenger…


52 techniques. One challenge every day and I made every one. I had to do some serious shopping before the class started and I don`t think I have used the knowledge later but my stack of cards and the printed handouts survive every decluttering…


Photography 101 – Barbara Carrol…


So – I never learned how to do the settings on my camera. Who cares? I did learn to love the camera and I was blessed with a little girl who loved to flirt with the lenses…


…and that is very helpful 🙂

Design Your Life – Cathy Zielske…


Need I say more? The principle of design is still a mystery to me but that is okay. This is a class I revisit just so I can enjoy listening to Cathy talk about design and color or whatever is important in design.

Have More Fun – Stacy Julian…


So – I was challenged in this class. It was so hard for me to see the fun in all this. I almost gave up, but Stacy and all the lovely girls in the community took the time to explain and talk me through the meaning about “have more FUN” so I could enjoy myself in the end.

This was a productive class. We learned making photoalbum-scrapbooks…


…and looking at them in the gallery almost makes me want to go back and make more…


…and more…


I wonder why I stopped doing this?…


…Because it was so much fun 🙂

We made mini albums…


…and we were challenged to make all kinds of layouts…


At the end of the class we made the 30 days of September album…


I almost died because it wasn`t possible to buy the album Stacy used in Norway. I had to substitute and that did not come easy to me in 2008. Of course now I make December Daily and A week in the Life just like that. Back in 2008 making an entry every day was almost impossible. I did it anyway.


A Library of Memories – Stacy Julian…


…and then again in 2010/2011/2013. How we deal with our digital images and our memories is one of those things that is constantly changing so this is a class you could take once a year:)

Get Organized, Be Inspired – Wendy Smedley…


An amazing class. I learned so much about myself and how to set up things to fit in to how I think, how to store things so I know where to look for it.

Me;The Abridged Version – Cathy Zielske…


Album completed. It was fun and I love the album but I don`t think I could ever do this again. (Though I did buy the digital version just in case).

Yesterday & Today – Ali Edwards…


…learning how to add more journaling. Telling the story. Still Learning from Ali.

Adventures in Scrapbooking – May Flaum…


So many classes with May. Camp scrap, adventures with kits, making hybrid pages. She always inspired me even if we don`t share style…


The Challenge of Me – Lisa Day…


One of those completed albums I love. The album tell so many stories from my life. Lisa Day was one of the teaches I have missed.


Dimensional Details – Nic Howard…


Nic Howard was the best teacher. Love her New Zealand accent and she was so inspiring. I was never a dimensional scrapbooker…


…but I made some of most loved pages in this class.

And some cute ones…


Colour! Or is it Color – Nic Howard…


I never was any good with colors but I did my best and that was good enough for Nic 🙂

Double Take – May Flaum and Nic Howard…


Making double pages was fun but so much work:)


i scrap – Stacy Julian…


Another finished album to love.


Twelve – Stacy Julian…


A year-long class with so much amazing content. I still feel inspired to tell my stories when I think about the themes from this class. So happy to know that I can still access this class…


Looking through my gallery from this class I found layouts I have forgotten all about and never got printed…


I will have to make sure I do that:)

31 things – Ali Edwards…


Almost finished album. I guess there are a few left to do before I can call it done. But I will finish. Ali Edwards – always inspiring. So happy that she do classes on her own platform.

The Art of Observation – Heidi Swapp…


Another amazing and inspiring teacher. Heidi should teach a lot more.


Organizing FUNdamentals – Wendy Smedley and Ali Dosdall…


…the never-ending story of organizing. Always more fun to do in a group.

Clean and Simple – Cathy Zielske…


Perfect design, inspiring and always fun.


Before your story – Jennifer Wilson…


Not at all finished. This project will keep me going for years. (and that was not the idea for the class).

Super Simple Scrapbook Challenges – Stacy Julian and Darci Dowdle…


I haven`t had so much fun scrapbooking since Bakers Dozen back in 2008.


Logging in to my account at Big Picture Classes this evening I have one class active – and that is Cathy Zielske`s Jumpstart 2015. By midnight that class will be gone as well. Waking up in the morning there are no classes and no Big Picture Classes as we know it.

So many classes will be transferred to the new site and I am thankful for that and we still have time to download our classes if we want to. But – we know nothing about what will be offered from Studio Calico. The word subscribing has been used and that is a word I don`t like much. I am happy to pay the cost for a class but I am unwilling to subscribe for something I`m not sure I want. With that said – of course I will follow to the new BPC and see before I decide.

All I can do is saying thank you for adding so much happiness to my life for so long.

So – back to the beginning: Tomorrow is another day and a new challenge of LOAD.










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5 Responses to A walk down memory lane

  1. Michele says:

    I wonder if some day I may be able to look through your family books….. So much history you are compiling in such fun and interesting ways.

  2. Mary-Lou says:

    This was a lovely recap. All your examples are inspiring. I have taken only 2 online classes, both a bit disappointing. One of my all time favourite scrap projects came about in 2009 from a book by Lisa Bearnson (Creating Keepsakes fame) called, “50 Moments; Scrapbook The Pages That Matter Most”. I challenged by myself to 52 moments to tie to one topic a week. It was the first time I had ever scrapped non-chronologically. I loved it. You have encouraged me to take on another similar project.

  3. Lisa H says:

    A super stroll down scrapbooking memory lane. I was part of the BPS community a little longer than you with my first class in 2006 but it did change my scrappy life back then. I guess that’s where we first “met” and it would appear that we were in so many of the same classes! I’m not even sure how many classes I have in my account and almost every single one is incomplete! My favourite teachers were and always will be Karen Grunberg and Nic Howard. How much did I learn from these two incredible ladies? And through BPC I met my best scrappy friend Pam. I’m so grateful for everything that Big Picture gave us although they lost their shine for me a year or two ago. I don’t take classes any more due to budget mostly but LOAD is really a learning experience for me a few times a year. I learnt so much of what sort of a scrapper I am and for that, I’m forever grateful. Let’s see how the new construction works. I’m sceptical but open minded.

    I’m happy that Shimelle still has her class independence!

    Thanks for this wonderful blog post and see you over in Flickr during LOAD215

  4. beckylinn512 says:

    I loved how you documented your history at BPC. I took quite a few classes but I was not nearly as productive as you!

    One random question: what did it mean to be a VIP? I guess I don’t remember if there were special privileges or discounts or what. Just curious.

    Thanks again for sharing! I’ll see you over on the LOAD group 🙂

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