Moving forward

Every Friday we have been given a new assignment for the weekend. I did ask for it but it wasn`t that nice to be told to deep clean my kitchen when I came home from work Friday evening:) I wasn`t that hot on buying fresh flowers every weekend either. It did kind of feel like a waste but I did it anyway.


Leaving work today I couldn`t help myself. I just had to grab some tulips on my way out. Me think – this is something I will add to my life. Fresh flowers every Friday. Nothing fancy or expensive – just a few fresh flowers.

Making a new list with the stuff I never got around to do in January…


…and six lists is now one and the only cleaning task is the windows. That is a spring-thing around here. I can clean but tell me to buy something and I`m in deep trouble. It takes forever to decide and I almost always have regrets. So this list is full of challenges 🙂 I will need a cure for every line.

Can`t wait to see what challenges Apartment Therapy has in store for us next weekend and every weekend – Weekend Project. Guess we all have to wait for next Friday 🙂

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