Hello February

  • Hello Sunday

Got to love Sundays. At least I do before June 1. Before Sunday become the seventh day at work.

  • Hello One Little Word

It is the first day of the month and Ali Edwards is up with a new set of prompts for February. Saving that for dessert.

  • Hello healthy eating

I crashed and burned this weekend. Yesterday was the first day in five months I had no dinner. Instead I stuffed myself with chocolate and what ever I could find to eat. Double everything. Not a good last day for my Jumpstart 2012 resolutions. Today is a good day for making a fresh start.


  • Hello exercise

I took the weekend off. With all that eating no wonder I had time for exercise. I have set new goals for February and I am ready to move on.


  • Hello clean and tidy home

I said I wouldn`t do any cleaning this weekend. I did anyway. My bathroom is clean and I’m ready for an hour in the bath with the book I’m reading right now.

  • Hello scrapbooking

I have read today`s prompt and have some thoughts about what story I want to tell with my pages for February 1.

Den siste viking


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